Saturday, May 10, 2008

It all ended.

It all came to an end before it even started.

You asked me what is Love?
To me, It's just giving without asking anything in return. It's never abt who is giving more or less. there's no point in comparing. What ever you do you will just think of the person. When she's not around you'll be wondering if she's fine. When she's not feeling well, you'd worry. When she's sad, your heart hurts.

I enjoyed myself during this time. It's been years someone touched my heart after Charlene left me. Thank you for all the times we shared. I've guess it'd end someday by you. But i told myself i just had to make the best out of it. Cos like what i've said, nothing good stays long in my life.

Just when i am ready to love, i fell back, hard. Reach your area at 1225 and waited. I didn't even smoke. I just waited. Finally 2am he drove you back. But when i hear your voice when i talk to you i knew you got something bad to tell me. And i anticipated it.

I decided to write here cos no one reads what i wrote here. It's been like a yr since i blogged. And you knowing i don't blog anymore, wouldn't come and check. Even if you do, it'd be after a long time and you might already forget abt me. I don't want to bother you with my feelings.

My heart hurts. Sigh. What hurts more is when you say it out of your own will. Haha, silly of me to think so much. Even more silly of me to think finally something good might happen to me. The truth hurts, but I'm never good enough.

I saw him, I envied him. All the best to you and him.

Take care of yourself. Please eat your meals regularly. If you fall sick, PLEASE remember your medicine okay! Don't be so forgetful ya?

Thank you for everything.

Goodbye to my happy ending.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Last blog entry b4 i enter OCS

If you guys know, i've been slacking in CMPB doing nothing cos i'm waiting for my PILOT MEDICAL report. So i'm posted somewhere freaking near my house which i walk to and after work. Life there was really good and all my buddies there were so relunctant to leave the place. I'll miss them though. Although it'sjust a short 3 mths, we shared multiple happy moments and our soccer games every monday,wednesday and friday.

Oh btw, it's a 8-5 job la.

Now, i'm posted back from air force to army side. So got my posting a few days ago an im quite depressed. OCS. sigh. Officer Course School. Yeah, i agree the pay is high but still it's alot tougher den Sispec. and its super long course. (9 mths).
It's still weird i was posted to OCS. Most of my friends at CMPB are posted to Sispec though. hmmm.

Ok time to pack all my army equipment. sigh. Wish me all the best peeps.! =)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Cherish what you have before you lose what matters most to you

In anticipation i had to wait
The day we had to meet
To fall alseep on my bed
You're all that i need

Life's journey you came
Hope's all that you brought
Ever keeping me tame
That's what I've been taught

Months together
Love is all that you gave
All aren't just flatters
'Cause it's me you've saved

Ever will our love grow strong
May God oversee
However we may be wrong
Possibility lies in Thee

In faith we pray
For the day we pledge
To be together we stay
Till our lives' edge

Stumbled upon this poem which made me smile.
(Thank you)

Monday, January 01, 2007


First of all, happy new year to all of you guys out there.

Yesterday countdown to 2007 at Glenn's house with some friends. It's damn havoc haha. i started drinking b4 they did. We played 007 bang, those who make mistake will have to drink. I was almost perfect. Played blackjack after tt. $$ and vodka. haha i won $$ yay.

We played indian poker or whatever its called. That's when those ass took revenge. When i lose 1 time they poured 1 super big cup full of PURE VODKA. argh! after drinking tt, i'm as good as gone. It's my 1st time getting drunk. Now i know how it's like. It's realli not comfortable haha. Seriously cannot walk properly. vomitted like nobody's business.

"There's hope for people who've never had a biblical heritage and there's hope for those who've lost what they had."

New year new resolutions

Saturday, December 30, 2006

char's b day

28th Dec is dumb char's birthday. she's getting old hee. I rushed home after work to bake her a cake. Suppose to meet der, yvonne and her for dinenr but i took so long to bake a cake!! argh!

So i skipped dinner with them and continued with my cake baking. With the help of a cookbook and the expert(my mum) i completed baking the cake MYSELF. weee. Now i knwo how freakin 'ma fan' it is to bake 1 cake so much effort is to be done. So many steps. It was my first time baking a cake so ya. haha warned her about it but she said its nice. dunno whether she is comforting me anot.

I cut the cake into 4 but onli gave her 2, simply cos i did not purchase enough ingredients. Haha. ooops. All in all i thing everything went well. Planned to wait for her outside her house b4 she gets home but apparently, i did not make it in time. Waited for a cab for 30+ mins in the rain.

I was so eager to show her wad i did for her only to see her eat 1 mouth of my cake!


Cos she was too full after her dinner. She is like tt cant eat much =( so yup. nvm lor put in the fridge. Hope she likes what i did for her. hmmm.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas is coming

I was surprised i didn't blogged for like 3 mths +. Have been very busy after entering army. Field camps, SIT test, live range, handgrenade, blah blah blah.
Booking out on Sat afternoon and den book in on sunday simply dun allow me to have much time on the com. hee

BMT is finally over and i got posted to a very slack vocation =). FEP Trainee (Flying Experience Program). They made it sound so wow but actually its just do admin work. I signed for pilot and i passed my COMPASS test and interview with the high ranks. Now, i'm left with my medical report. Guess i'll fail it cos of my spine. It's a lil crooked =(

Basically, my job is 8-5 and i practically do nth but slp and read newspaper/magazines. haha told a few of my BMT mates and they kept complaining saying its unfair. ahha Who ask u guys fail ur COMPASS TEST. =P

Been packing some of my stuffs, and came across a organiser which i used last time. had a few gd laughs as i recall wad i have been doing for the past yrs. It's really useful to keep your organiser/ diary. Entertaining.

I even wrote down things like " made char angry/tear etc" haha. Always so excited and happy when i write down when is our next meeting time and place. Though now is still the same. But ITS SO HARD TO ASK U OUT NOW. stupid char. busy gal. haha i shall bug u till u nodd ur mushroom head.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Dad is getting better phew~

went sentosa ytd with glenn, yihao and charlotte. haha. was so relaxing. Thank God it's so windy. Lying there was so shiok. went to tanjong beach. cos we dun wna to go to siloso, too many pple there. its teachers' day so many pple but tanjong beach isnt that packed.

tanjong beach = dog beach.

lol saw more den 6 dogs there. free entertainment. dogs are lovable. hanging out at the beach is quite relaxing.weee

gonna go in army soon. yay wasted so much time alr.